Q2-Z2 Two-head Automatic Beer Keg Washer

1.General Introduction

It is an automatic machine to clean inside of beer kegs via using two cleaning heads. The kegs need to be located on the panel of keg washer manually, and then the whole cleaning process can be achieved automatic. 

Our keg washer / Rinser can clean all sizes of stainless steel beer kegs, including 10 liter, 20 liter, 30 liter, 50 liter etc. Different style of keg spears are available for keg washer to suit. The capacity of our keg washer can be adjusted from 20 barrels to 120 barrels according to your specifications. 

2.Features of keg washer / Rinser

1. All parameters (time values) can be adjusted without stopping machine.

2. Twin-acting pneumatic valve with reliable quality and anti-high temperature characteristic.

3. Maximum straight-line design on main cleaning pipelines makes sure the powerful and thorough scouring.
4. Adoption of world top products as main accessories makes sure premium quality.

5. Brand of components: SIMENS, AIRTAC, Schneider, etc.



High Qualtity Q2-Z2 Two-head  Automatic Beer Keg Washer

Commodity name:
Automatic Two-head Keg Washer / Rinser
Dimension of working table:
1200 mm × 450 mm
Outside dimension:
1200 mm × 1480 mm × 1900 mm
Net weight:
Power Supply:
220V/50HZ/1P or customized
Capacity of washing:
80-120 barrels for 20L size
Cleaning heads:
Automatic or Manual one:
Total Power:
3 kw
Pressure of CO2 source:
0.4~0.6 Mpa
Pressure of CO2 preloading valve:
0.15~0.20 Mpa
Pressure of steam inlet:
0.2 Mpa
Heating style:
Steam heater

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