Q2-PET Automatic Two-head keg washing machine

Simple Descriptions

1. It is an automatic PET keg washing machine, with two keg washing heads.


2. Keg washing style: 

- keg upside down and then start the automatic washing program.

Customized Desgin

1. UL certificate is available for all electric components (around $1050 higher than CE certificate usually.

Commodity nameQ2-PET Automatic Two-head keg washing machine
Overall size1100mm×1250mm×1800mm
Net weight


Productive capacity80-100barrels/hour (20L)
Heating styleby Electric
Reservoir tank volumewith 2 reservoir tanks, 0.1m³ per tank
Pumps2 sets, with CE certificate
Power supply380V/50HZ/3P or customize
Suit forUS 20L PET
Washing stylePET upside down by manual

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