GZ-EJ Automatic Two-head filling machine with flow meter

Simple Descriptions

1. It's an automatic keg filling machine, with two filling heads.

2. Productive capacity can be up to 100 barrels per hour. 

3. The keg can be put on the station by manual first, and then press the keg filling button to start the automatic filling program. 

4. Amount of filling with Baode brand flow meter.

Customized Desgin

UL certificate is available for all electric components (around $1050 higher than CE certificate usually.

Commodity nameGZ-EJ Automatic Two-head filling machine with flow meter
Overall size1000mm×750mm×1650mm
Net weight


Productive capacity100 barrels/hour (20L)
Heating styleby Electric
wine loss rate<5‰
Pumps2 sets, with CE certificate
Power supply220V/50HZ/3P or customized
Suit for10L-50L SS or PET  Keg with Spear
Spear styleA, or (S, G, D)

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