30BBL 2-Vessel Brewing Equipment

As a professional supplier, we are able to design and build a line of brewing equipment with capacity of 1bbl to 50bbl or bigger. Good performance and high quality as well as favorable price have brought many good sales reference in and abroad in the past years. 


Brewing equipment Feature:

All tank body use food grade material stainless steel 304 with good welding. The configuration of our brewhouse, can be arranged to be with 2 or more vessels according to the customer beer craft, mash tun /lauter tun/Kettle tank/whirlpool tank can be combined using for serving your beer craft. In the fermentation system, that is dimple plate cooling method, all tanks will be tested pressure before delivery.


Main Specifications of our brewery equipment: 

Item NameSpecifications &Structure
    10BBL Three Vessels      Brewing Equipment
Working Volume30bbl
Brewhouse Structure2 vessels
Material SUS304, food grade
Heating styleby electric, by gas fired or by steam 
Thickness of Exterior shell3mm
Thickness of Interior shell2mm
Fermentation systemFermenters, Bright tank, Glycol tank, and chiller etc.
Control systemSemi-automatic with manual butterfly valves
Insulation materialPU80mm
All necessary fittingsCIP cleaning ball, pressure guage, thermometer, Carbonating stone, and adjustable feets as well as all necessary accessories.

Brewhouse Configurations

No. of vessels23
Mash Tun

Mash / Lauter Tun

Lauter Tun

Combi-tank MLT+HLT

Brew Kettle Tun

Brew Kettle/Whirlpool
Whirpool Tun

Hot Liquor Tank

Packing & Delivery:

10HL three-vessel brewing equipment.jpg 30BBL two vessels brewing equipment.jpg

1567495910291923.jpg     1567495931629878.jpg    1567495939811750.jpg


Packing solution:

 - Wooden case for LCL;

- Plastic film wrapped and iron frame fixing for FCL or others as per customers' requirement.

- Delivery time: 50~70 days after signing the drawing of brewing equipment. 







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