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Brewery Technology

Basic Brewing Process


The brewing process according to the German Purity Law(Deutsches Reinheitsgebot) from year 1516.
(Deviations from the German purity law are of course possible and will be applied according to local requirements)


1. Water + Malt + Hops + Heating energy = Wort


In the Brew-House vessels pure brewing water and light/ dark malt are mixed together to give the mash. In several temperature steps this mash is heated-up and finally lautered (filtered). The result is sugar-containing “Wort”, a sweet juice which is cooked together with hops to give the necessary bitternes and aroma. This first part takes approx.7-8 hours.


2. Wort + Yeast + Cooling energy = Beer


In the fermenting tanks brewer’s yeast (top-or bottom-fermenting depending on kind of beer) is added to the cooled wort. Sugar is converted into both alcohol and CO2 (carbonic acid). After the ripening process at low temperatures and high pressure the typical taste of beer is developed. Within approx.3-4 weeks from the begin of brewing the beer is ready to be served.