Beer Kegs

Stainless steel Beer kegs are very necessary and more and more popular for beer's packing by many breweries all over the world in the past years. As a professional supplier of beer kegs in China, we focus on producing and supplying all sizes and standard of beer kegs with superior quality and good performance. 

And now our kegs is widely used to pack the perfect beer from our different customers in North America,  South America, South Africa, Europe, as well as Hong Kong etc.

Feature of RSI Beer Kegs: 

a. SUS304 sheet in food grade, safety for your beer's taste. 

b. High quality for each piece, long-term usage and no any negative feedback from 


c. Stackable design, is easy to transit and loading. 

d. Favorable price, can help you to save more cost to brew better beer.

e. Good after-sale service is your good guarantee in the future. 

Scope of supply by RSI Beer Kegs:

We can provide 20L, 30L, 50L Euro-standard beer kegs, 1/6bbl, 1/4bbl &1/2bbl US-standard beer kegs, as well as 20L, 30L, 50L DIN-standard beer kegs with Micro Matic brand A-style (S/G/D/M) spears.

Other sizes such as 1L, 2L and 5L mini beer kegs are also available for us to supply if you need. 

How does a beer keg work? 

A keg is an airtight barrel. In the center of the modern Sankey style keg is a valve attached to a long metal tube that extends just short of the keg bottom. Extracting beer from the keg is accomplished by introducing CO2 (or Nitrogen) pressure through the coupler attached to the keg’s valve to the top of the liquid contents. That pressure forces the liquid down and up through the metal tube and out of the other side of the valve ultimately dispensing from the tap in the bar. +86 13322226725 +86 13604286268 75925557