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The future development of craft beer

In recent years, the brewing market has developed rapidly, and the craft beer has a rich and fragrant taste and is very popular. Many of the small partners have an interest in making craft beer, and some friends have asked me when I choose craft beer equipment. What issues should be paid attention to today, Zhengzhou Dadi Science and Technology Xiao Zhangjun will share with you some points to pay attention to when purchasing beer equipment.

The first is the material: craft beer is used for direct drinking, so the safety requirements for brewing are very high. The material of the craft beer equipment needs to choose 304 food grade stainless steel. At present, there are many manufacturers on the market that promote 304 stainless steel, and the price is sold. It's very cheap. At this time, everyone has to polish their eyes. They may be made of 201 stainless steel.

Second is the control system: the control system of the craft beer equipment is a very important part, similar to the human brain; and the temperature control in the control system is very important, the compressor for temperature control is best to use the big brand compressor Take the Zhengzhou Dadi Technology Beer Fermentation Tank as an example. The Dongbei compressor is used. The failure rate is very low compared to the brand-name compressor, which ensures the temperature control during beer fermentation.

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