Bright beer tank

All stainless steel (304) sanitary construction 100% TIG welded and sanitary with quality controls, inspection and pressure testing.

Bright Beer Tank Features:

  • Dish Head and dish bottom, with minimum 20%-30% head free space.

  • SUS304 Food Grade material, Interior shell: 3mm, Exteror shell, 2mm.

  • Jacket design pressure 0.3Mpa (Test 0.6Mpa), Inner pressure 0.2Mpa (Test 0.3Mpa).

  • General insulation material: Polyurethane 80mm. Or ceramic wo or perlite.

  • CIP arm, Side manway, Food-grade silicone hose for liquid level.

  • With adjustable legs.

  • Pipeline standards: 3A, 1.5".

  • Options: Interior shell mirror polish, top insulation, Single wall, Horizontal, Stackable.


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